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CUISINE - 16,5 cm - Avogadro

CUISINE - 16,5 cm - Avogadro


A versatile knife for cooking and preparing snacks. It will become your favorite tool for small cuts. It is sharp along the entire length of the blade, from the top to the heel, allowing you precision work.


Length: 29 cm

Blade Length: 16.5 cm

Wood: Pau Amarello | Mahogany

  • Item information

    Avogadro Kitchen 2/5



    The knife in the photo is the knife you are buying. This knife bears the Avogadro pattern. Each design has a number of prints limited to 5, which means that the design you choose will be found on a maximum of 4 other knives of the same size.

  • Additional Information

    • Delivery Included.
    • 5 year warranty.
    • Lifetime repair and support service.
    • Free sharpening during events (pop-up shops, fairs, etc.)




    Take care of your knife: Do not soak it in water and do not put it in the dishwasher.

  • Engraving peculiarities

    Each knife is engraved by hand, which means that, unlike laser engraving which gives an identical result each time, each of our engravings gives a different result. Each line is not perfectly straight and each knife will have engraving peculiarities that others bearing the same design will not have. In order to avoid surprises, close-up photos show you the small engraving features on your blade.

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